The Ask: In 2021, while the Divide Team pitched Fireball Whisky, I was approached to look at creative territories for the brand. 
The Process: Conducted a brand and competitive audit to find themes on which the brand could capitalize to build campaigns and storylines that will resonate with their current audiences. 
Territory 1: Dichotomies
Dichotomies exist everywhere: in nature, in design, even in the Fireball tagline.
With a product that’s both fiery and smooth, there’s an opportunity to play on these dichotomies in new, creative ways. 
But how would we do that? Simple. We’d build up contrast, highlight extremes and play up tensions. 
Territory 2: Build the Beast
Who is the Fireball Dragon? Is it mischievous? Elusive? Playful? Who are its friends? What’s its origin story? 
When researching Fireball, these questions kept us up at night. We suddenly had an unquenching thirst to know more about the elusive beast.
Then, we realized this was an opportunity worth exploring, an extension of the Fireball brand world. 
Territory 3: Strike While the Iron is Hot
Some fires are slow burns, but some fires ignite and before you know it, just smoke. 
Social media can be that way too. Memes arise every few days and when a brand jumps on them, they offer not just brand relevance but opportunities for growth.

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