For our thesis project, we were tasked at exploring the idea of Protection through the lens of housing insecurity and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 
Based on our cultural audit, historical research, desk research and rounds of interviews, our SVA Masters in Branding Thesis Team began to get a clearer picture of the complexities, the nuances, the deep history of housing insecurity in America. We often found ourselves with more questions than answers, but what we did start to see form was a clearer idea of small changes that could be made to help improve systems that fight housing insecurity.
Through our work, we began to ask ourselves more concise questions. What small shifts could we propose for HUD that would improve their systems? 
We built our ideas off of one big idea, not just a strategic initiative but a call to action for everyone.
Rename & Rebrand
We started by reimagining HUD. Introducing The Department of Home Planning & Equity, or HOPE.

With a new name comes a new identity. We reimagined the logo as one that symbolizes upward mobility, the strength of community and, most importantly, the concept of HOME.
Home is a Human Right Awareness Campaign
To bring the new positioning to life, we propose an awareness campaign featuring illustrations that highlight how HOME goes beyond four walls and is a deeply human experience.
Introducing the HOPE App 
This tool increases personal agency through choice, while simultaneously allowing HOPE to centrally collect consumer data to drive better decision making, influence policy change and inform federal standards.
There are two user journeys. For tenants in the home support program, the app provides access to pivotal resources. For Property Owners, their profile contains a centralized hub of their properties, their payment distribution, and their hope network. 
So many of the shortcomings of federal resources revolve around poor communications, but this app changes that. As HOPE continues to evolve the guidelines and standards of home, it is important to support the providers at every step.
View the full Thesis Presentation for this project here: 
Team: Jamie Loper, Sophia Sena, Edward Quiceno
Thesis Advisors: Dr. Dan Formosa, Shazeeda Bhola, David Kurushima
Thesis Guidance Team: Debbie Millman, Surabhi Rathi, Pablo Ulpiano, 
Emily Weiland, Amanda Gonzalez 

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