Disposal is the graveyard of humanity.
Ah, garbage. Every day, Americans throw away about 728,000 tons of garbage (saveonenergy.com). We know many of our waste practices harm the environment, but we continue to participate in these systems. Why is that? By performing a cultural audit of a few key areas of interest, we were able to better understand why we continue many harmful disposal practices and how we might influence change or improve upon these practices in the future. 
Our Objective
We sought to explore fictional realities and psychological tensions to analyze the historical and future trajectories of disposal.
We looked at three topics within the the category of disposal: 
Thought Starters
How do we reframe ‘away’ to constitute consumer ownness? 
How can over or under-assessing risk be advantageous to the climate change effort? 
How might the adoption of a life-cycle mentality toward possessions affect disposal? ​​​​​​​
Credits: Jamie Loper, Ricardo Saca, Sae Hoon Jang, Eugene Hill
SVA Masters in Branding Program, The Nucleus Group, InCreReal

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